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Best Roulette Bets

January 5, 2022

Best Roulette Bets

Before the exciting anticipation of watching the wheel spin in roulette, you first must choose your bet. The amount you bet will depend on the chip value(s) you place on the table, but where you place your bet will determine if you win or lose once the roulette wheel has stopped spinning! This guide will explain each type of bet in roulette, so you can make sure you know what your chances of winning and possible payout are for your bets! Learning the different types of roulette bets can be a great way to learn roulette and develop an effective strategy.

Not sure how roulette works? Check out our helpful guide to learn how to play roulette. If you are ready to see that wheel spin, you can play Classic Roulette today at Spin247 online casino!

At Spin247, our online roulette uses a classic European Roulette wheel, which means there is a slightly higher chance for you to win than American Roulette! Not sure what the different types of roulette are? In European Roulette, there is only one 0 on the wheel, however, in American roulette, there are two zeros. Zeros do not fall under red, black, even or odd. Below you can see the different roulette bets, along with the win probability for each of these in both European and American Roulette.

Type of Roulette Bets

Inside Bet

An Inside Bet is a bet placed on any of the numbers or combination of numbers inside the table's layout. See the various inside bets below:

Single Number (Straight Bet)

A single number bet is placing your chip(s) on an individual number. Betting on a single number has a lower chance to land, but also means you get a larger payout if the ball lands on this number too. It is worth noting that in can also bet on the number 0 as a single number.

Single number (strait bet) roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds2.7%
American Roulette Odds2.6%

2 Way (Split Bet)

A 2 Way (Split Bet) is placing your chip(s) in-between two numbers on the table. If the ball lands on either of these when the wheel stops spinning, you will get a win.

2 Way roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds5.4%
American Roulette Odds5.3%

3 Way (Street)

A 3 Way or Street bet is played by placing your chip(s) at the bottom of a row on the table. This means that you are actively betting for the three numbers in this row and if any of these are the winning numbers, you will score a win!

3 Way (Street) roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds8.1%
American Roulette Odds7.9%

4 Way (Corner)

A 4 Way (corner) bet is done by placing your chip in the center of 4 numbers, where they all are connected. Your bet is then active for all 4 of these numbers.

4 Way (Corner) roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds10.8%
American Roulette Odds10.5%

6 Way (Six Line)

A 6 Way or Six Line bet is done by placing your chip(s) at the foot of two rows, in-between them. The numbers bet on with this placement are all 6 of the numbers within those two rows.

Six Way (Six Line) roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds16.2%
American Roulette Odds15.8%

Outside Bet

An outside bet is a bet utilizing the betting amounts on the outside of the table. Outside bets tend to select larger amounts of numbers per bet, meaning your chance of winning is higher - but this also means the multiplier won will be lower too.

Any Dozen

An Any Dozen bet is betting that the winning number will fall on a chosen sector of 12 numbers (i.e. 13-24).

Any Dozen roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds32.4%
American Roulette Odds31.6%

Any Column

A column bet is placing a bet on any of the three columns on the table, which will score you a win if the ball lands on any of the numbers in the selected column.

Any Column roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds32.4%
American Roulette Odds31.6%

High or Low

A High or Low bet refers to the upper or lower numbers on the table. The bet will cover either 1-18, or 19-36.

High or Low roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds48.6%
American Roulette Odds47.4%

Red or Black

Each number in the table, from 1 up to 36 will be either red or black (with an equal amount of each). Betting on red or black means if the ball lands on any of the numbers of the color you chose, you will score a win!

Red or black roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds48.6%
American Roulette Odds47.4%

Odd or Even

Similarly to Red or Black, and Odd or Even bet refers to all of the numbers on the table that fit into that category. If you bet even, for instance, you will score a win if the ball lands on any even number.

Odd or even roulette bets example highlighted
European Roulette Odds48.6%
American Roulette Odds47.4%

Play Online Roulette 

Feeling confident with the above betting types and are ready to see the wheel spin for yourself? Play Online Roulette today at Spin247!

Still want to learn more, or find out some more information on roulette betting, you can find all this information on our how to play roulette guide.

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