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How to Play Roulette

January 5, 2022

How to Play Roulette

Watching the roulette wheel spin and seeing the ball fly around gives a thrill like no other. Whether you're an expert or a complete beginner, playing roulette online is great fun! It's one of the easiest table games to pick up once you're familiar with the different types of bets you can place. Before you head over to Spin247's online roulette table game and start collecting your winnings, have a read of the handy guide we've put together so you don't only know how to play roulette online, but you also know how to WIN roulette!

How to Play Online Roulette

Start playing casino roulette in 4 easy steps!

1) Place your bet(s)

Place your roulette chips onto the part of the board you want to bet on. You can mix chip values on the same bet. See the tables below (Game Bets) for where each bet can be found on the board. For more information on each betting type, you can check out our Best Roulette Bets blog.

2) Spin the roulette wheel

Click the spin button and watch the roulette wheel turn. 

3) The outcome

If the ball lands on the number(s) you bet, you'll receive a payout! See the table below (Game Bets) for the potential roulette payouts for each bet.

4) Spin again or change bet(s)

You can choose whether you want to repeat the last spin or you can go back to the bet screen and place a different bet. It's entirely up to you!

Game Bets in Online Roulette

Inside Bets

Bet NameDescriptionRoulette Payout
Straight BetBet on 1 number35:1
Split BetBet on 2 numbers next to each other on the table. Place chip on the line between the 2 numbers17:1
Street BetBet on 3 numbers in the same row. Place chip on the line at the foot of the column11:1
Corner/ Square BetBet on 4 numbers. Place chip in the center of the square consisting of the 4 numbers8:1
Six Line BetBet on 6 numbers. Place chip at the foot of the 2 columns5:1

Outside Bets

Bet NameDescriptionRoulette Payout
High/Low BetBet on the winning number falling within either the low range (1-18) or the high range (19-36)1:1
Red/Black BetBet on the winning number falling on red or black1:1
Even/Odd BetBet on the winning number falling on even or odd1:1
Dozen BetBetting on sectors labeled either '1st 12', '2nd 12' or '3rd 12'2:1
Column BetBet on which of the table's 3 columns will supply the winning number.2:1

For more information on the different types of bets in roulette, you can check out our 'Best Roulette Bets' blog. This blog gives more information about the roulette bets along with helpful images too!

How to Win Online Roulette

Roulette is a table game based on luck but if you're a player who likes to increase their chances of winning, there are a few things to consider.  Other key factors to help you win roulette can be found below:

European Roulette vs American Roulette

When looking into how to play roulette, it is best to know whether you are playing European or American Roulette. The main difference between the two is that European Roulette only has one 0 on the wheel, whereas American Roulette has two. This means that in European roulette, there is one less number that the ball can land on. Spin247 online casino features a Classic European Roulette game, meaning that the chances for winning are higher for our players! To find out more about betting odds in both European and American Roulette, you can check out the Best Roulette Bets Blog.

Utilizing outside bets

For beginners who want to have the highest chance of winning while playing roulette online, you can stick to Outside Bets. These are grouped bets and therefore have a higher chance of winning. For example, the odds of a potential payout when placing a Single Bet (Inside) is x36, whereas a Red or Black Bet (Outside) has a potential payout of x2.

Play Roulette for free in demo mode

All Spin247 table games give players the option to play in Demo mode which means that you can familiarize yourself with the roulette wheel and the possible bets before staking any real money. That's not all, you can take advantage of our generous bonuses such as our refer a friend bonus to play for free and win real money! Try Roulette for free today.

Playing roulette online has never been more exciting! Ready to play roulette

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