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Casino Holdem

Texas HoldEm

Play Live Texas HoldEm Online

Texas HoldEm is the classic poker game to test your nerve, where big risks could result in big wins. Bet and bluff your way to victory against real players in real time at Spin247’s exclusive Casino HoldEm game, and be the last player standing.

How to Play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

If you want to play Texas HoldEm style, you have to learn the Texas HoldEm rules! Before playing, we recommend learning all the poker hands and their rankings.

At the table, all players receive two cards face down, called their ‘hole’ cards. Players will either bet (place an amount of poker chips on how likely you are to win), check (pass on betting but stay in the game) or fold (leave the game), based on their hole cards.

Next, the dealer will deal the ‘flop’. The flop is the name given to the cards placed face up in the centre of the table, for all players to use when building their poker hands.

The flop is in play for three rounds of betting. In the first round, there will be three cards. In the second round, the dealer adds a ‘turn’ card to make four. The dealer then adds a ‘river’ card in the final round to make five.

Using the flop and your hole cards, you must try to build the best poker hand possible over the three rounds. For example, if you have two 9s as your hole cards, and the flop also contains two 9s, you could build a four-of-a-kind hand.

To win, you must have the highest poker hand, or be the last player remaining after the other players fold. This means you can win whether you have a good poker hand or not – time to practise that poker face


What are the Texas HoldEm poker hands?
Texas HoldEm uses the same poker hands as a standard poker game. You can learn all about Texas HoldEm poker hands in Spin247’s dedicated Poker Lobby in our live casino. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the best poker strategy is to know your poker hand rankings and learn how to bluff!

What other Spin247 live casino games would I also like?
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Can I play Texas HoldEm poker for free?
Our Live Casinos in require players to register and bet real money, but the Spin247 Casino offers you free bets and bonuses when you sign up for live casino. You can claim a no deposit bonus just by joining Spin247 today, as well as a generous deposit bonus when you make your first deposit.

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