Mega Jackpot

You might have noticed that the Jackpots on some of our slots games are unbelievably huge, and have the same value prize pot. That’s because the majority of our awesome games pay into the Mega Jackpot, and it only takes one lucky spin to win the whole thing! This means that instead of winning a small Jackpot that is individual to each game, you can win a super-sized prize shared across all the games! Let’s explain how Spin247’s progressive Mega Jackpot works.

How Spin247’s Mega Jackpot Works

Each Mega Jackpot game pays into the Mega Jackpot prize pool. That means that for every paid-for spin on any of the games in the list, 0.025% of the bet is divided equally between the progressive Mega Jackpot, and the reserve pot. With so many games constantly adding to the prize pool, that Jackpot total is going to soar to huge heights! That is until one lucky player wins it all! All you have to do to win the Mega Jackpot is to spin in 5 Jackpot symbols on the same active win line in any of the games that are plugged into the Mega Jackpot. You can recognise them as they will have a crown symbol next to the Jackpot total in the game grid. There are a few exceptions however, as some of our slots games only have 3 reels. On 3-reel games such as Reel Fruity Slots Mini, you only need to line up 3 Jackpot symbols on an active win line to unlock that progressive Mega Jackpot. If you win the Mega Jackpot, you’ll be awarded all the money that is currently in the prize pool and the Mega Jackpot will return to its seed value, before starting to climb again! The seed value for Spin247’s Mega Jackpot is a massive $100,000! This will be converted and displayed in other supported currencies based on where you're playing from. So, if you spin in 5 Jackpot symbols on a Mega Jackpot game, you’ll win at least a 5-figure prize! Now, only 5 Jackpot symbols will work – you can’t win the Mega Jackpot with a Wild on your win line. With the rules explained, all that’s left to do is hope for that lucky spin to come your way! Enjoy spinning on our incredible list of original Mega Jackpot mobile slots games. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions for more detail on the Mega Jackpot.

Symbols that can win you the Mega Jackpot

You’re playing a Mega Jackpot slots game. But what symbols should you be looking out for? There’s no specific Mega Jackpot symbol in our games. Each game has its own Jackpot symbol that can win you that mega prize! Here are a few examples of the symbols to look out for in some of our most popular online slots games:
      • If you’re playing Fire and Gold, look out for the Jackpot 7 symbol
      • In Krispy Kash, the Jackpot symbol is a golden doughnut. Tasty!
      • For Woodstock Slots, the symbol you need is a flowery camper van
      • In Reel Royalty, look out for a royal coat of arms on a shield
      • The Coliseum Cash Jackpot symbol is the Roman Coliseum itself
      • It’s a mysterious treasure chest if you’re playing Casino Crops
      • The Jackpot symbol for Dragon’s Zen is the rooster
Could you be lucky enough to win the Mega Jackpot? Just choose your favourite Spin247 game, play today and you will have a chance!