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Crown Duels


Crown Duels Mobile Slots

Are you ready to commit the crime of the century? Here you are, on your way to the Crown Duels mobile slots by Spin247, ready to infiltrate the royal palace and steal the Queen’s jewels! Are you going to succeed and become the World’s most famous thief?

According to the plans of the palace, the royal treasures are spread over the 15 locked win lines but beware of Guards and Beefeaters!

To be fully prepared for this high-risk mission make sure you have an internet connection as well as a mobile device running iOS 10 or Android 5.0 and above. A laptop or desktop will also work.

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How to Play Crown Duels mobile slots

Right, so you’ve successfully broken into the palace. Before you start exploring the palace’s reels, you need to set your bet-per-line. Tap ‘Bet’ and use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ to set how much you want to bet per line. It can be anything from $0.01/R0.20 to $10.00/R200. Your bet-per-line amount will then determine your total bet, clearly displayed in the ‘Bet’ menu.

The total bet represents the amount you will spend per spin and it is decided by multiplying the 15 locked win lines by your bet-per-line. To give an example, if you decide to bet $2 per line, your total bet will be $30.

If you’re on the run and need the reels to spin by themselves, you can opt for the ‘Auto spin’ mode. The reels will spin automatically and you can take back control at any time by clicking on ‘Stop’.

Reel wins

Each win you receive is a multiplier of your original bet-per-line. It will depend on the combination of symbols and how many of them you lined up on a win line. Some symbols will require at least 2 of them to form a winning line, and for others, you will need a minimum of 3 symbols. More details can be found in the Paytable, located on the menu in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

If you obtain several winning lines on your reels with a single spin, they will be added together to form one big win before being added to your credit balance. You can only win once on each line and the highest win will count. Wins are paid from left to right.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are like thieves in the night ready to jump on your reels to grant you more wins! These symbols can be very useful as they can substitute for most other symbols on the reels and change a losing spin into a winning one!

For example, you need 3 Queen symbols on a win line to count it as an active win and be able to collect the rewards. Let’s say you spin-in two Queen symbols alongside a Wild, the Wild will act as a Queen and you will get away with the multiplier for x3 of the monarch matriarch. The perfect crime!

Please note that Wild symbols won’t substitute for Free Spins or Mini-Game symbols, and they can’t help you win the progressive Mega Jackpot. To hit the Jackpot and steel Her Majesty’s Crown, you need to line up five Jackpot crown symbols!

Free Spins

To grab yourself some free spins on the Crown Duels reels, you will need to spin-in at least 3 Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels. 3, 4, or 5 symbols will award 5, 10, or 15 Free Spins respectively.

Free spins are the ideal partner in crime as no credit will be taken from your balance while in the Free Spins mode! All winnings will be added to your credit once the free spins have ended.

Line ‘Em Up Mini-Game

The mini-game is accessed by spinning-in three or more robber symbols anywhere on the reels. The more symbols you spin-in, the higher the rewards will be in the game!

The concept is very simple, you’ll be running around a board, collecting the multipliers as you go, with the Beefeater on your tail.  To determine the number of squares you can move forward, spin the reel and a number between 1 and 6 will stop at random in the green box. The Beefeater will also be spinning automatically trying to catch you up. To get a head start, your first move is doubled!

If you manage to complete three full laps of the board without being caught, the Beefeater will get an extra step with each spin making it harder to run away from him. Every time you make it around the board again, he’ll get another extra move. Once he eventually catches you, you will be brought into phase 2 of the mini-game where you get the chance to escape once more!

In this part of the mini-game, you’re in a suspect’s line up! A wheel will spin automatically and there are different scenarios possible, depending on where it lands:

  • If the wheel stops on you, you’ll get arrested immediately and the mini-game is over. However, you get to keep your wins from the mini-game when returning to the main reels.
  • If the wheel lands on your accomplice (third in the line), you still have to exit the mini-game but with your wins x2!
  • If one of the two innocent people has been identified instead of you, you’re free to continue! You head back to the board and the chase starts again.

How long will you manage to steal away from the Royal Guards?

Progressive Mega Jackpot

During any spin, there is a chance that the Progressive Mega Jackpot can be triggered by achieving 5 (FIVE) Jackpot symbols on an active win line.

The Progressive Mega Jackpot is available on any bet, with 0.025% being split evenly between the Progressive Mega Jackpot and the Reserve Jackpot.

The Mega Jackpot seed value is $100,000.00. This will be converted and displayed in other supported currencies based on where you’re playing from. The Mega Jackpot Promotional Pot System is available on any stake on any participating game plugged into the Mega Jackpot Promotional Pot.

When the Jackpot is won in any of the participating games, it is reset to the seed value and begins to rise again. The likelihood of winning the Mega Jackpot increases in correlation with the player’s bet amount.

In the event of a communication error after a Mega Jackpot win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on the screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account. While the game is live, the Jackpots cannot be terminated.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Crown Duels has a theoretical return to player of 93.99%. This is based on long term playback. System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order:  winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

Spin247 general terms and conditions apply.

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