Published on: Tue, 28 May 2019 by Spin247

If you’ve played our mobile slots game, Snakes and Ladders, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re a fan of the classic board games; does anyone remember Frustration? Before it got its fancy new upgraded look, that is!

While board games may seem like a thing of the past, we’re here to show you differently, and bring to light the new must-have board games for you to play 2019!

Jumanji Original Board Game

This re-release of the classic board game Jumanji will have you nostalgic for the film of the same name – wether that’s the original, or the recent re-make staring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillian.

The game includes a marker in the shape of a Rhino, four pawns, a sand timer, two dices and much much more, all to bring hours of fun!

S!!!HEAD and The Dares

While this is technically a card game, it is simply too much fun not to include! Suited only for adults, this game has one goal: not to lose. It doesn’t matter who wins first, as long as you’re not the loser! All that is needed for this game is a pinch of luck and a little bit of skill – but can you escape the dares cards! With each game lasting no more than 10 minutes, it’d be the perfect ice breaker. There’s even an expansion pack for 18+ dares!


Looking for something familiar on this list? Not to worry, Monopoly are still sticking around! With productions of new themed Monopoly out this year, you can look forward to a new version of the Game of Thrones Monopoly, Avengers, Toy Story and even The Lion King. Seems that Hasbro has been busy this year! Will you be looking forward to any of these releases?


This is a game we’ve seen cropping up just about everywhere, from Amazon to the local stores, the reviews on this one paint the Pandemic board game in a fantastic light! You’ll need your thinking cap on for this one, though, as its main issue is that it takes a while to learn the rules. Do you have the patience? Because we can reassure you it’s worth it! Take command of the worlds experts as they try to contain a series of diseases that threaten to rip the earth apart. Players will then use their unique abilities to keep the apocalypse at bay, all while working as a team. Be decisive, but don’t run out of time…


This strategic masterpiece plays like nothing else available! Sink into the familiar theme of Martin Wallace’s newest game as the darkness and its Empire falls! With magic unleashed, all that remains are the lawless ruins of the Wildlands, with occupants that have the sole task of finding the remaining shards of the destroyed crystals that powered the original Empire. Take control of one of four factions and begin planning your strategy for restoring the Wildlands to their former glory. Will you be a part of the Mages’ Guild, the Gnomads, the Lawbringers or even the Pit Fighters? Choose wisely…

Fallout: The Board Game

If you’re one of the older Generation Z crew, you may need to use this board game to break into the wonder of table top gaming. It brings the familiarity of the video game series to the table, and builds a game of endless strategies, possibilities and unexplored wastelands. You’ll be in for a truly authentic Fallout experience, and we have it on good authority that if you love the video games, you’ll love this board game too!


Become Mother Nature in this 3D green strategy board game. Help to sculpt the landscape of this game as you plant trees and nurture them from seed to fully grown foliage – but be careful where you plant your coloured seeds, because if your opponents’ tree overshadows your own, you’ll lose points!

So will you be swapping a screen for the board, and buying any of these table top games? Or will you be sticking to the mobile slots game, Snakes and Ladders? Let us know on Facebook!

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