Crown Duels

Crown Duels

Crown Duels Online Slots

Aw’right guv’nor? Get down the apples and pears because we’re about to pull the heist of the century at the Spin247 Online Casino palace and steal the crown jewels! If we play our online slots right, we’ll have more than a few Godivas to our name. The plan’s in place to play across the 15 locked win lines but make sure you don’t get nicked by the Guards and Beefeaters!

Win Lines 15
Min-max. bet per line $0.01 to $30.00
Return to player (based on long term playback) 93.99%
System requirements iOS 10+, Android 5.0+, Desktop/Laptop
Free Spins Yes
Theme Royal slots


How to Play Crown Duels

How to set your total bet

Don’t get your knickers in a twist – we’ve got to sort out our total bets first! Select the ‘Bet’ menu in the bottom left-hand corner and set your bet per win-line. Once you’re ‘appy with that, we’re ready to go!

Auto Spin

We’ve got more of a chance of pulling off this heist if we have a good getaway driver. I’ve heard good things on the grapevine about Auto Spin! Go to the ‘Bet’ menu to turn on or turn off Auto Spin.

Reel wins

Shhh! Get your balaclava on and let’s sneak up on these reels! All we’ve got to do is match the correct symbol combinations across a win line. Win lines always pay from left to right. With some symbols, you’ll need to line up 2 or more. You will need 3 or more of the others. You can see the winning combinations and multipliers they award in the ‘Paytable’ in the bottom right corner.

Looking at the map of the place, it’s possible to win across more than one active win line with a single spin. If this happens, those wins are added together to give your total prize and we’ll have even more wonga to take back with us! However, only the highest single win per line will be paid.

Bonus Feature

Don’t worry about the Wild symbol, by the way, that’s out partner in crime! Wilds stand-in for most symbols, potentially turn losing spins into winning ones or creating even bigger wins. Wilds won’t substitute for the Mini-Game or Free Spins symbols, and you can’t win the progressive Jackpot with a Wild on the winning line – there’s only so much we can fit in the van!


The Line ‘Em Up mini-game is accessed by spinning-in three or more robber symbols anywhere on the reels. The more symbols you spin-in, the higher the rewards will be in the game. You’ll need to get running around the board, collecting multipliers as you go, with the Beefeater on your tail. To determine the number of squares you can move forward, spin the reel and a number between 1 and 6 will stop at random in the green box. The Beefeater will also be spinning automatically trying to catch you up. To get a head start, your first move is doubled!

If you manage to complete three full laps of the board without being caught, the Beefeater will get an extra step with each spin making it harder to run away from him. Every time you make it around the board again, he’ll get another extra move. Once he eventually catches you, you will be brought into phase 2 of the mini-game where you get the chance to escape once more!

In this part of the mini-game, you’re in a suspect’s line up! A wheel will spin automatically and there are different scenarios possible, depending on where it lands:
If the wheel stops on you, you’ll get arrested immediately and the mini-game is over. However, you get to keep your wins from the mini-game when returning to the main reels.
If the wheel lands on your accomplice (third in the line), you still have to exit the mini-game but with your wins x2!

If one of the two innocent people has been identified instead of you, you’re free to continue! You head back to the board and the chase starts again.

Progressive Jackpot

There’s been a lot of talk about the Queen’s secret chambers, but you need to crack the code to get in! Every player of Crown Duels could win the ultimate prize if they spin-in 5 Jackpot symbols on a win-line during the game. Every spin you make adds to the pot, so it’s all to play for! When a lucky player wins, the jackpot resets to its seed value and begins to build again.


Free Spins

To grab yourself some free spins on the Crown Duels reels, you will need to spin-in at least 3 Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels. 3, 4, or 5 symbols will award 5, 10, or 15 Free Spins respectively. No credit will be taken from your balance while in the Free Spins mode! All winnings will be added to your credit once the free spins have ended.

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Which other games can I play like Crown Duels?

If you like the thrill of the chase, you can go on to solve the mystery in Spin a Clue Slots!

How do I play slots?

To play online slots, start by setting your total bet in the ‘Bet’ menu on your game. The amount you bet per spin is determined by the bet total x number of win lines (e.g. $1.00 x 20 win lines = $20 per spin). Once you are happy with your bets, simply spin the reels to start playing.

How do I win at slots?

Match the symbols required on a win-line in the game to win a multiplier prize, which is applied to the amount you have bet and added to your total winnings. You can create multiple win-lines in one spin – and wins pay from left to right. For complete fairness, all Spin247 games use random number generators. To withdraw your winnings, tap on the ‘Banking’ section and select Withdraw.

How do I use my free spins?

Free spins will automatically be applied whilst in-game and ready to be used as soon as you hit the spin button. Bonus credit can be used to pay for spins and is debited from your account after all amounts from winnings and deposits have been used. Further information can be found on the bonus page.


Payout Information and Game Rules

System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit. Spin247 general terms and conditions apply.