Double Wild Wins

Double Wild Wins

Double Wild Wins Online Slots

Hold onto your chaps, because this game can get seriously buckwild! Welcome to Double Wild Wins online slots, where the bright lights of Las Vegas meet the thrill of the rodeo at Spin247 online casino. It’s time to get rowdy at the saloon and shoot for the moon – The cowboy hat is optional!

Win Lines 1 to 15
Min-max. bet per line $0.01 to $30.00
Return to player (based on long term playback) 94.09%
System requirements iOS 10+, Android 5.0+, Desktop/Laptop
Free Spins Yes
Theme Western, Cowboy slots


How to Play Double Wild Wins

How to set your total bet

Before you can start playing for those wild wins, you’ll need to set your total bet. This is done by pressing the ‘Bet/Lines’ button in the bottom left of the game and using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ icons to set your bet-per-line and number of win lines. These values will be multiplied together to form your total, which will adjust automatically as you make changes to your settings.

Auto Spin

You will also find the ‘Auto Spin’ button within the ‘Bet/Lines’ menu. Press this to automate your spins if you don’t want to keep pressing the spin button. You can stop at any time using the ‘Stop’ button. If you’re not using Auto Spin, you can start playing by pressing the spin button on the reels.

Reel wins

It’s now time to lasso in some winning lines! Win lines pay from left to right, and you’ll need to line up a winning combination of symbols on an active win line get your prize. With some symbols, you’ll only need to line up 2 or more, while others require a minimum of 3. You can find out what all of the winning combinations are in the paytable. Press the menu button in the bottom right corner and then ‘Paytable’ to access this.

The paytable will also tell you the multiplier that each combination of symbols is worth. This is how many times your bet-per-line will be multiplied if you spin in a winning combination, to determine your total win. Wins across multiple win lines will be added together to form your total win, but only the highest win on each individual line will count.

Mini Game

If you spin in 2 or more Royal Revolver symbols in a row on an active win line, you get to play the mini-game! The more symbols you have, the more spins you will get within the mini-game. When you enter the game, you’ll see a bonus wheel with different cards on it. Press the spin button to start the wheel. You’ll win whichever multiplier you land on when the wheel stops. Keep spinning and winning until all of your spins are used up. Then, you’ll collect all of your wins and return to the main reels.

Bonus Feature

If you spot a ‘Double Wild’ symbol on your win lines, you could really be lucky! Wild symbols substitute for almost any other symbol and could help you make up a winning combination. That’s not all though! Whenever you line up a winning combination that contains a Wild symbol, you get to play the Double Wild bonus feature! Choose either ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ to spin the wheel. If the wheel stops on your chosen colour, your win is doubled! If not, you still keep your total win! Can I get a yee-haw?

Wild symbol can’t substitute for Free Spins or Mini-Game symbols, and you can’t win the progressive Jackpot with a Wild on your winning line. Only 5 matching Jackpot symbols can do that!

Progressive Jackpot

It takes a sharp shooter to win the stand-off – are you quick enough to claim the jackpot? Every time you spin the reels, you contribute to the game’s Progressive Jackpot. Risk it for 5 Jackpot symbols, and the Jackpot is yours for the taking! The potential of winning it is in correlation with the player’s bet amount so, the higher the bet, the higher your chances. When the Jackpot is won, it resets to its seed value and starts to rise again.


Free Spins

If you see 3 or more big and bold ‘Free Spins’ symbols lined up on an active win line, you’ll receive some free spins, locked to the value of your last paid spin. You won’t be able to change your bet-per-line or number of win lines while these are in play, but the cost of them won’t be taken from your credit. You’ll get 5 free spins for 3 matching symbols, 7 free spins for 4 matching symbols or 9 free spins if you have 5 matching Free Spins symbols on an active win line. If you enjoy playing free slots on Spin247 online casino, be sure to take advantage of our numerous Bonuses, including our deposit bonus and our Refer a Friend scheme. Join now to collect your welcome casino bonus, and get on your boots!


Which other games can I play like Double Wild Wins?

If you like the Vegas neon lights, Spin247 has a wide range of Vegas slots games for you. Head on over to Wild Diamond Wins or Live Wild Reels for more action!

How do I play slots?

To play online slots, you first have to set your bet settings. To do so, tap on the ‘Bet/Lines’ menu on your game. The total amount you bet per spin is calculated by multiplying your bet-per-spin with the number of win lines on which you play (e.g. $1.00 x 20 win lines = $20 per spin). Once you are happy with your bets, spin the reels to start playing!

How do I win at slots

All Spin247’s Online Slots games, including Double Wild Wins, use random number generators for complete fairness. To win, you’ll need to match the symbols required on a win-line and the more you spin-in, the higher your win! To withdraw your winnings, simply access the banking section and click ‘Withdraw’ – all the instructions will be explained there.

How do I use my free spins?

All free spins you win in-game will clearly be displayed on your reels before being automatically applied as you play. Bonus credits can be used for free spins after winnings and player deposits. Check our bonus page for more information on how our bonuses are applied.

Payout Information and Game Rules

System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit. Spin247 general terms and conditions apply.