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Jurassic Wins

Jurassic Wins

Jurassic Wins Online Slots

Looking for a mobile slots game where your wins can really ‘saur? Play for some roarsome dinosaur dosh in Jurassic Wins online slots by Spin247 online casino! You’ll meet all sorts of prehistoric pets here in the Jurassic Wins park. Most of them are friendly enough, but watch out for that T-Rex! He can really take a bite out of your bonus feature winnings…

How to Play Jurassic Wins

We may be encountering creatures from millions of years ago, but our Jurassic Wins online slots dinosaur adventure is compatible with iOS 10 or Android 5.0 and above, along with desktop and laptop computers. Apple users will also need an iPhone 6 or above to play. To play it, select ‘Play Now’ from the menu and follow our instructions exactly – and remember – we’re in raptor territory!

  1. Set your total bet amount. Before you hop into the jeep and venture out into the park, you’ll need to set your total bet. This is your bet-per-line multiplied by the number of win lines in play. Your bet-per-line can be anything from $0.01 to $30, and you can play across up to 9 win lines. E.g. bet $0.10 a line on all 9 lines for a total bet of $0.90. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to alter your settings. As you do that, the value in the ‘Total Bet’ box will adjust automatically.
  2. Decide if you want to use Auto Spins. You’ll need your wits about you, so you may wish to let the Auto Spin feature do the spinning for you. Just tap the ‘Auto Spin’ button within the ‘Bet/Lines’ menu. First, choose the number of spins you’d like. Then, set a minimum credit level. Auto Spin will stop if you reach this. Finally, you have the option to set a maximum win amount. This will stop Auto Spin if you have a big win above the value you set here.
  3. Check the paytable. It’s important to make sure you know what you’re dealing with before heading out into the wilds! So check the paytable before you play. Each time you win, you’ll receive a multiplier of the bet-per-line you set earlier on. How big this is depends on which dinosaur-related symbols you’ve lined up, and how many of them. You’ll find all of this vital info in the paytable. Just press the menu button and select ‘Paytable’ to study it.
  4. Understand reel wins. Some symbols will earn you a win if you line up just two or more of them. Others need a minimum of three to be lined up before you can grab a prize. Win lines always pay from left to right, and you can only win once on each individual line. If you have more than one winning combination, just the highest value win will be paid. Win on more than one line in a single spin and they’ll all be totalled up to determine your total win.
  5. Spin the reels! Ready to walk with dinosaurs? Press the spin button and those reels will roar into action. If you’ve lined up a winning combination, your winning lines will be highlighted on screen along with what you’ve won. Any wins will automatically go into your credit before you take your next spin. You know… just in case you need to run from the raptors!

Wild Symbols

There are a lot of wild things on the loose around here, but none as important as the Wild symbol! This will stand in for almost any other Jurassic Wins symbol and could turn a loss into a win.

To give you an example, if you had two Q symbols on an active win line next to a Wild, the Wild would act as the third Q you need for a win. In this case, you’d win the multiplier for three Qs.

Those Wild symbols can’t substitute for a bonus game or free spins symbols though, so they can’t help you access those features.

Dino Dough Bonus Feature

Jurassic Wins mobile slots has two thrilling bonus features! First up, if you spin in two or more jeep symbols, it’s time to play for some Dino Dough!

When you enter the T-Rex enclosure, press ‘Move’ to roll the dice. This decides how far around the board you get to move. Each time you land on a multiplier, it’ll be added to your total. Keep going and grab as many as you can!

Try not to land on a Collect! If you do, that’ll mean it’s game over, and you’ll collect your wins so far and run for your life back to the main reels.

Free Spins

If you find some free spins fossils on your win lines, you could be in luck! Line up 3, 4, or 5 of them on an active win line to unearth 5, 7, or 9 respective free spins. What a find!

Now while free spins are in play, your settings will lock to the values of your last paid spin and you won’t be able to change them. Don’t panic though! You won’t have to pay for any spins while in free spins mode. When you’ve used them all up, you’ll return to normal play.

Fancy some free spins to get your Spin247 journey started? All you need to do is join Spin247 Mobile Casino, verify your account and receive a no-deposit bonus to welcome you.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

Gamble Feature

Our developers aren’t fossils, so they’re always looking to keep things fresh. So that’s why they’ve included a ‘Gamble’ feature in Jurassic Wins. Simply select the type of wins you’d like to gamble on and if they roll in you can choose your wager for a chance to win 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, or 12x your original total win.

Whenever you achieve a feature win in the game, you have the option to enter the gamble feature to stake your winnings. If you do not wish to gamble your winnings you can adjust setting accordingly and keep all of your winnings when they spin in. Similarly, if you’ve entered the Gamble feature and wish to keep your winnings simply tap ‘Collect’ and your original winnings will go onto your account balance and you’ll go back to the game reels.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Jurassic Wins online slots has a theoretical return to player of 94.09%. This is based on long term playback. System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

Spin247 general terms and conditions apply.