Sideshow Slots

Sideshow Slots

Do you think you’ve got the skills to win big when you go to the fun fair? Well it’s time to try your luck with the wild distractions of Spin247’s circus themed slot game: Sideshow Slots!

Sideshow slots brings together all the fun of the fair to give you an awesome experience. So step right up and let yourself be amazed by the wonders Spin247 has to offer. Have you got what it takes to tame a lion of a win?

We’ll be your ringmaster in this circus show, but make sure you have iOS 10 and Android 5.0 before you begin!

How to Play Sideshow Slots Mobile Slots

The stage is set for some Sideshow Slots fun. Don’t worry, there’s not much to juggle when playing Sideshow Slots. We’ve fixed your win lines to 15, so all you have to do is decide how much you want to bet per line. You can do this by tapping ‘Bet’ and using the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons to increase or decrease your bet amount. You bet-per-line is multiplied by the 15 lines. So a $0.1 bet-per-line means a $1.5 total bet. This will be clearly displayed on-screen so no need to get your calculators out! When you’re happy with your total bet, just tap the spin button to see if your luck is in!

If you want to kick back and enjoy your circus peanuts and candyfloss, you’re going to want to use the ‘Auto Spin’ feature. To use this, just tap ‘Bet’ and select ‘Auto Spin’, and then relax and watch those reels spin on their own. You can tap ‘Stop’ to revert to manual play at any time.

Reel Wins

Okay, so you’re ready to take your chances and hopefully win some big money! Tapping the spin button makes the reels spin and stop at random. For some real entertainment, you’ll want symbols to match up on an active win line. How big the multiplier is for each combination of symbols depends on which type they are. All the information is available by tapping ‘Paytable’.

Some symbol require 2 or more to win while others require 3. All win lines run from left to right and all win amounts are highlighted on-screen before they are added to your credit.

Every winning combination of Sideshow Slots symbols will win you a different multiplier of your bet-per-line. Will you win something truly magnificent?

You can win across more than one win line and your winnings will be added up. But only the biggest win on each win line will be counted.

Wild Symbols

Wilds really bring the crowd to life in Sideshow Slots. You’ll be on your feet if you spin in a big combination that has been helped on its way by our blue Wild symbols. That’s because the Wild can substitute for every other symbol in the game, other than Free Spins, mini-game symbols and Re-Spin symbols. That means that if you get 2 candyfloss symbols and a Wild in a row, your win will equal the same as 3 candyfloss symbols. Wilds can also be 2 symbols at once across more than one win line, so they really are the stars of this show!

Pie Spinner Mini-Game

A pie in the face is a staple of any circus clown, and Sideshow Slots has no shortage! If you see 3 or more pie symbols appear anywhere on the reels you’ll be whisked off to the Pie Spinner mini-game.

Here all you have to do is select your pie – the bigger the multiplier, the harder it will be to win. But no risk, no reward in the Pie Spinner! Once you’ve selected your pie, watch it spin and hope for the arrow to land on a white space. If it does you’ll win the multiplier and you can continue on to pick another pie. You can pick up to 10 if you’re the luckiest clown around!

Land on a red space and you’ll be sent back to the normal reels, but not before you’ve collected up all the multiplier wins you’ve gained!

Ringmaster Re-Spins

We couldn’t call ourselves Spin247 if there wasn’t an option to spin on! And with our re-spin feature you can do just that. If you get 3 or more purple Re-Spin symbols on your reels they will automatically spin again, letting you keep any win you got while giving you a chance of more! The re-spin will be fixed to your previous bet-per-line but won’t take any cash out of your credit so enjoy!

Free Spins

The free chances to win don’t end there! If you spin in 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols you’ll be getting yourself 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively.

All free spins are locked to the previous bet-per-line you used, but as they’re free that’s no problem! Everything you win during free spins counts the same as if you were using credit.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Sideshow Slots has a theoretical return to player of 90.54%. This is based on long term playback.

System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

Spin247 general terms and conditions apply.