Supernova Crush

Supernova Crush

Supernova Crush Online Slots

Things on Spin247 are about to get universally better! That’s because Supernova Crush mobile slots is exploding onto your screen to give you some red giant wins! Einstein taught us that all things are relative, but nothing quite compares to the astronomical beauty of this incredible new slots game.

This 15-win-line wonder offers a galaxy of goodness for you to explore. But if you see the Supernova appear on your reels you’ll be feeling the heat! It could explode into some seriously super wins.

You’ll need some modern equipment to explore the cosmos, so make sure you’re running Android 5.0 or iOS 10 or above. Okay, enough with the countdown! Let’s blast off into how to play Supernova Crush!

How to Play Supernova Crush Mobile Slots

Ready for some cosmic knowledge? Stick with us and we’ll have the rules explained to you faster than light!

The first thing you’re going to want absolutely air-tight is your total bet. This is calculated by multiplying your bet-per-line with the locked 15 win lines. To adjust your bet per line, just tap or click on the ‘Bet’ menu and use the ‘+’ or ‘–‘ buttons to change the value. You can bet anything from $0.01 up to $30 per line. Your total bet will change as you do and be visible on-screen.

For example, if you wanted to bet $0.2 per line that will be multiplied by 15 to give you a total bet of $3.00 per spin.

If you want to free up both hands for piloting your spaceship, you’ll want to be using Auto Spin mode. Access it through the ‘Bet’ menu and set your minimum credit limit, maximum win amount and amount of spins you want to go through. Just hit the spin button and the reels will continue to spin until one of your limits has been reached. Or you can stop them at any time by hitting the ‘Stop’ button.

Reel Wins

Happy to start spinning? Spool up that hyperdrive and away we go! Tap the spin button and the reels will spin before coming to a stop at random. Any wins that you have spun in will be highlighted with awe-inspiring beauty on-screen.

Just like time is linear, all win lines on Supernova Crush run from left to right, but you can win across multiple win lines simultaneously. If this happens, Supernova Crush will add all your wins up on screen into one spectacular prize!

There’s got to be laws even in the wildest corners of the cosmos, so only the highest win on each win line will be paid.

Each winning combination of symbols will award you a multiplier of your original bet-per-line. Some symbols require 2 or more to give you a win, while others will require 3 or more in a row on the same win line.

Different symbols will bring different sized multiplier wins. All wins are detailed in the paytable, found by pressing the menu button in the top left of the screen and then selecting ‘Paytable’.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol is truly a unique phenomenon! That’s because it can take the place of any other symbol in the game (other than the Free Spins or Supernova symbol).

For example, if you spin in two diamonds on the same win line, that’s already a tasty win! But if you spin in a Wild symbol alongside it, your win will be transformed into one worth 3 diamonds!

Supernova Symbol

The Supernova is the hottest, most exciting symbol in the game! If you see it drop into the reels, you better make sure your heat shields are up because there’ll be a massive explosion on the way! You’ll be awarded any wins you have earned on-screen, before the Supernova symbol blows up!

It will blast any symbols that are one space away from it in every direction and destroy them and itself. In their place, more symbols will drop down that could potentially bring you another big win!

The symbols that drop in are determined at random by a different, hidden reel set.

Free Spins

The pure power of Supernova Crush doesn’t stop with the Supernova symbol, oh no! Spin in 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols on a win line and you’ll be awarded 5, 7 or 9 free spins respectively. You’ll enter Free Spins mode where a different reel set will spin for a chance of some mega big wins!

Each free spin will be locked to your previous total bet amount, but don’t worry because they’ll be completely free! Any winnings from free spins will go into your credit as normal.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Supernova Crush mobile slots has a theoretical return to player of 94.04%. This is based on long term playback. System malfunctions void all payments.

Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

Spin247 general T&Cs apply.