Complaints Procedure | Spin247 Online Casino

Complaints Procedures

We aim always to provide exceptional levels of customer service and absolute fairness to our Players. Consequently, we take complaints very seriously and our complaints procedure is rigorous and objective. We will try to resolve your concerns whenever possible.


1. If you have any cause to complain about anything that has happened as a consequence of your dealings with us, please notify us by contacting our Customer Care Team via Contact form. Your complaint must be received within 6 months of the event giving rise to it. We reserve the right not to accept your complaint outside of this timescale.

2. In order for us to deal with your complaint you must provide your full name and this should be quoted in all correspondence relating to your complaint.

3. We reserve the right to record all correspondence with you and any other person relating to your complaint. We will refer to these records in the event of a dispute as to the content of any correspondence.

4. We expect all complaints to remain confidential during and after our investigation. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions (see Website) we will not continue with an investigation if you disclose the existence, nature or detail of any complaint or dispute to any third party.

5. We can only deal with complaints relating to gambling transactions. We are unable to accept complaints relating to Chat Room activity or any other non-gaming transaction.

6. If necessary we will request that you provide relevant evidence relating to the complaint for the purposes of trying to resolve it. Should you refuse to comply with any reasonable request for evidence we may be unable to consider your complaint.

7. If we contact you at any stage during the complaints process with a response or questions about your complaint and you do not respond within 7 working days then the procedure will be subject to a clock system. Once the 7 days has been reached, the clock will be stopped, it will then be resumed from the same point that it was stopped when the information is received. Should we not receive any response at all from you then we will assume that you no longer wish to pursue the matter and we will formally close the complaint.

Once a complaint has been formally closed, we will re-open it only in very exceptional circumstances at our own discretion.